Startups & Early Stage Companies

One of the most treacherous periods to traverse for a young business is when the initial success begins to scale. Everything you have worked for is at risk as you ramp up production, with timing and team requiring a laser-like precision and a little bit of luck. Our expertise in operations, financing, sales and marketing allows us to help you maximize your chances of success.

KSTC has a long history of working with startups, and our advisory services understands the process to minimize your risk, maintain your strong, innovative value proposition, and reach a broader market segment (HINT: it’s usually not an investor).

Our assistance covers a wide spectrum, and cannot be defined without meeting you and coming to understand your company. However, typical assistance covers:

  • Sales and Marketing
    • On Line Sales
    • Direct Sales
    • Dealer Sales
  • Staffing/HR Needs
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Production Systems
  • Access/introduction to capital sources. 

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