Our Value

The Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) has dedicated the past 30 years to fueling the innovation-economy of Kentucky, improving the capacity of people, companies, and organizations to compete in the global marketplace. We have managed and continue to manage several entrepreneurial resource programs, including the Kentucky Innovation Network, Enterprise Fund, and Procurement Technical Assistance Center, among many others. We have worked with thousands of small businesses and growing businesses in the state of Kentucky, helping generate billions in new revenue and identifying growth opportunities.

Now, KSTC is targeting the need we have identified in the business community for an Advisory Services team that will provide depth of service and an individualized offering for each unique company. Contrary to most business consultants, which offer a niche service in a pre-defined area, and work on task-oriented orders, KSTC will package and manage the consulting spectrum. We will provide the initial evaluation and assessment of your company to understand the needs you have identified, the deficits you may be unaware of, and the opportunities present to you. After this period, we will build a first-class team of professionals to supplement your work and address these areas.

We work with three types of companies: Defense & Aerospace contractors, Commercial companies looking to scale or launch new products, and Startup or Early Stage businesses navigating the treacherous ramp-up period.