Our Team

Rick Johnson

Rick has spent the past seven years at KSTC following a long career in the turnaround and growth specialist world, running mid-cap, privately held companies. Rick started his career as a design engineer and progressed into engineering management, sales management and then general management. Rick served as President of Cherry Electrical Products and Cubic Transportation among four leadership roles in the private sector before joining KSTC. Before beginning KSTC Advisory Services, Rick served as the State Director of the Kentucky Innovation Network, exponentially increasing organizational productivity and working with hundreds of early stage companies. Rick has experience in the telecommunications, petrochemical, security, transportation, components, electronic sensing and capital equipment markets. Rick holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from UCLA. Rick has been awarded four U.S. patents and serves on the Department of Commerce’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Terry Samuel

Terry brings over 30 years of experience from across a career spent helping Lexmark and IBM grow. Terry most recently served as Lexmark’s Vice-President in the Global Service Operations group before joining KSTC as Executive Vice President and COO. Terry previously served as VP and GM of Lexmark’s Global OEM & Alliances business unit, serving customers in Asia, Europe and North America. As part of this role, Samuel spent 2½ years on assignment in Singapore. Across his career, Samuel succeeded in a broad cross section of leadership roles including general management, international sales, supply chain, product development and service operations. Samuel holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Xavier University.

Advisory Team

Darrall Henderson

Darrall has years of experience in leadership and business ranging from the boardrooms to operations throughout the world and is passionate about helping Kentucky businesses grow. Prior to taking over as the State Director for the Kentucky PTAC, Darrall worked with Ursa Information Systems, a consulting firm that provides strategic planning, enterprise resource planning and change management advice to small and medium sized companies.

Darrall was a Colonel in the Army Corps of Engineers with years of experience as an engineer, analyst and strategic planner.  After leaving active duty, he worked for a large aerospace company as a Business Development Executive, Program Manager, and Country Manager for activities in Afghanistan. Prior to being appointed as Country Manager in Afghanistan, Darrall worked for another large defense contractor as the Program Manager for the Afghan Education Project, responsible for a team of professionals selected to create and implement the professional development and education system for the Afghan National Army.

Stewart Ditto

Stewart is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium and brings a wide array of experience from his time as a leader in the United States Marine Corps, the private sector, and state government. Stewart received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M before spending the next four years as a Marine Corps Aviator (MV-22 Osprey) and Operations Officer. In the years since he has worked as an international trade specialist and as the President of AIRLEX Intelligent Solutions, a small business that specialized in consulting on the integration of Aviation and Aerospace systems into existing government and commercial industries. Stewart has spent the past two years conducting the thorough, statewide defense & aviation economic impact study, analyzing the defense-related supply chain in Kentucky before forming KAIC. He lends this experience and network to KSTC Advisory Services.