Aerospace and Defense

KSTC Advisory Services is committed to the aerospace and defense community, offering a wide spectrum of services to these companies. At KSTC, the KY PTAC and KAIC are leading the charge to help aerospace companies and defense contractors grow their companies, identify their deficits, and identify contracting opportunities. However, whereas they facilitate awareness and knowledge, and work with hundreds of companies, KSTC Advisory Services takes over where they stop, offering individualized focus and depth of service to work one-on-one with your company.

Our assistance covers a wide spectrum, and cannot be defined without meeting you and coming to understand your company. However, typical assistance covers:

  • Proposal writing (RFPs)
  • Staffing needs, both temporary and permanent
  • Implementing AS and ISO quality standards (i.e. AS9100 and ISO9001) or utilizing partner certifications to immediately increase sales
  • Meeting new cyber security requirements
  • Figuring out how to finance a recent win, including refinancing and recapitalization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Implementing the right processes to stay DCA compliant
  • Implementing specific growth strategies in current markets or in new markets both domestic and international
  • Implementing internal quality and process strategies to maximize your output and minimize your costs

Reach out today for a free assessment and evaluation, and meet our team.