Commercial Companies

KSTC Advisory Services is built on professionals who have worked for and lead mid-cap to large commercial enterprises, and we're confident that the difficulties your company is facing and opportunities available to you will fit well within this area of familiarity and comfort. Our experiences are cross industry and cross discipline and we begin at the beginning – your goals and your current status. Whereas many consultants will sell you a niche service, we provide an individualized focus, analyzing your specific situation and what is keeping you from achieving your goals. From there we will  perform an analysis, provide you with recommendations beginning with the most critical, and build the team that will get you to the next level. All services are targeted to give you the maximum return in the shortest time with the best long-term impact. An added bonus, we are confident enough to offer pricing based on our/your success.

Our assistance covers a wide spectrum, and cannot be defined without meeting you and coming to understand your company. However, typical assistance covers:

  • ISO9001
    • Overview Workshops on ISO Standards
    • Shorten your time to certification by:
      • Assessment
      • Project Management
      • Pre-Audits
  • Financial Systems
  • Financial Services
    • Factoring
    • Refinancing
    • Recapitalization
    • Acquisitions
    • Sale
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Supply Chain Improvements
  • Staffing/HR needs

Reach out today for a free assessment and evaluation, and meet our team.